What We Stand For

Learn about the history of Gillette Venus women's razors, designed especially for women to give you silky smooth skin.

What We Stand For

We are you; we are women

Nearly two decades ago Venus transformed a category that was harsh and masculine and created a true female experience of shaving. We believe every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her skin.

We are you - we are women
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Different skin, different story

18 years ago, we created the first razor made for your body. Today we are a community, a vision that includes every skin and body type. Be the best version of yourself with razors made just for you.

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Take things into your own hands

Show the world what a woman really looks like and own how you live in your skin. Times are changing and we are standing up for every woman’s right to feel comfortable. Inspired by the body of a woman, created for goddesses!

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